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I started air drumming when I was 13 yrs old in Pharr, Tx.  I didn't actually touch a real drum set for about a year or two. Eventually, I saved up enough money to buy a makeshift drum set that consisted of a bunch of stolen marching drums a friend of mine had. I mostly played in punk/metal bands back then but I made cash playing in Tejano bands (gross). I was pretty terible but I read everything thing about drums and watched all the videos available at the time.  I wanted to major in music but  I was not ready for Berkley or North Texas so I went to Del Mar college in Corpus Christi and studied with Norman Weinberg. I sucked some more but I practiced alot and it paid off. I got to play for the Del Mar Jazz ensemble, Corpus Christi Symphony (twice) and began teaching private drum lessons. My next goal was to play with the big boys at the University of North Texas.  After I auditioned they told me I sucked (see where this is going?) and I should probably not go to such a competitive school. Well, I went there anyway! I made it up to the 7 O'clock Lab band. I studied with Ed Soph and made it into Fred Hamilton's Guitar Ensemble (which for some reason turned into a 7 guitar metal band). I took a master class with Ed Thigpen and saw about 50 clinics. I also taught private drum lessons during that time and played with tons of people in alot of different situtations. After graduating from UNT, I worked as a Percussion Instructor at a private school in Denton. My students won division 1 ratings for solos and for ensembles. After 2 years of teaching, I moved to Austin. I taught private lessons at Mars music for 2-3 years until the store closed down. I then began teaching private drum lessons in my home. I played in many bands ,too many to mention, and did some touring and recording. Notably, I played with Those Peabodys and played in the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in Long Beach, CA and also opened up for the MC5 reunion show @ Emo's. Currently, I play around town mostly doing jazz gigs, some brazilian drum ensembles  and I teach MUSP 1217 at Austin Community College.

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